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In the diverse social organizations, morals has always been the base of all cult or healthy science and its strong mutual structure has been mainly anchored in the faith or the theology which, together with the knowledge, they should not do any other thing but the continuous search of the truth or of the deity, because the accuracy is God. I consider that if we reveal the theology of diverse cultures as far as we can, in the same way we could become closer to the marrows of our cultures, that is to say, it is necessary to apply an archaeological neo-type.

I respectfully believe that remaining always as a teacher or simple spectator, it can result in becoming an antagonist of the truth that doesn't matter, for that reason, it is necessary to constantly be regenerated, and become a main actor of the history and to participate in the determination of the destination of our future generations.

In this exhibition on the genuine origin of the American man it is basic to try to establish the previous position of the continents, that is to say, to see how they were united before; concentrating this work on the Middle East, we find that in the Caribbean Sea, mainly in the riverside of Venezuela and the Mediterranean Sea, both match with a unsuspicious precision, keeping in mind the deviation of the terrestrial axis and the deviation of the new continents, also the contraction that these continents had to suffer when separating: please, see the map where I draw virtually the coincidences between these two costs, and the other map where the similar geographical scales of both coasts demonstrate that they also coincide: (please, sees the map at the end of this summary).

If we begin to detail parallely the Westside of Venezuela with the north of the Mediterranean Sea, we will find the negative similarity between the gulf of Adalia of the Middle East and the Peninsula of Guajira; the Cyprus Island fits perfectly the space of the Lake of Maracaibo; the State of Falcon fits in between Turkey and Syrian, mainly the Peninsula of Paraguaná in the Gulf of Iskenderun.

Following the two costs parallelly, the State of Sucre at the East of Venezuela matches with their Peninsulas the Sea of Tiberias and the Dead Sea at the South of the Middle East, the Delta of the River Nile of Egypt coincides with the Delta of the River Orinoco of Venezuela, and the Gulfs of Suez and Agaba with the Island of Trinidad: in such a way that is a picture with its negative.

Fantastic, but it is real, all the proofs should be in the different places and there the comparable studies should be carried out. Uniting the continents explains how the Peninsula of Paraguaná with its Hill Santa Ana, would be in the centre of the main cultures of the genesis world, exactly where the Bible locates the tower of Babel.

In this article I expose that, besides clarifying in the time and the space the true intercontinental separation, I will demonstrate that the Hill Santa Ana of Paraguaná and the ruins of the archaic Tower of Babel are the same, tower located by biblical reference in the Valley of Sinar in Syrian, Gn.11:2. “And it happened that when they left the East (Ararat Mounts), they found a plain in the land of Sinar, and they settled down there.”

The Hill Santa Ana has an approximate height of 860 meters, it is practically the only high mountain in the Peninsula of Paraguaná, in the State of Falcon in Venezuela, where I have advanced these investigations and analysis, regarding the true origin of the man; the deeper these studies become, the more irrefutable they are, and that makes me think that all of us are in front of the doors of the greatest discovery of the human history, which will give a total turn to the tradition. The purpose is to challenge the reader not to keep the new information, but to submerge and to be part of this great exploration.

This relationship between Paraguaná and Babel expresses a series of unconnected elements, ignorance and jocosity; but I am totally sure when you read the following explanations and observe the pictures here and in the Web page: www.cronicabiblica.com, in the sections of Atlantis Paraguaná, then you will understand well, why we described these explanations as an abruptness before and we could not understand all these testimonies which have always been with us.

The Bible refers that a variation of the terrestrial axis caused a cataclysm that divided the earth in continents (Gen 10:25 and 1 Cro 1:19), and in that intercontinental separation, it was when the nations broke apart worldwide, because years before they had separated for its culture, when they were dispersed in several clans in the plain of Sinar, due to the radical change of the Sumerian language to several languages, the confusion of languages happened during the construction of the tower of Babel in that same place, as the Bible relates it.
After this intercontinental disintegration, the common history ends there or it is repeated in almost all of the thresholds of different civilizations, such situation is always manifested in the diverse cultures. Proof of that are the legendary histories that are similar and although they were written in very far places separated by the sea, the parallelisms converge too much. In a same way, it points out that all the cultures

originated in Babel, where all the primitive humans were united at the beginning, until they ended dispersed because of the lack of communication, due to the diversity of their new languages.

When this linguistic dissociation separated them apart from their native place, they began to lose their archaic customs and in each new civilization, the forgetfulness of its primitive histories arose, in this way, the myths were created.

The cultural diversification began this way in each one of the disintegrated nations, while some others always kept certain common profiles that stand out more with the intercontinental separation.

The subsequent division of the earth in the current continents, was the cause of the substantial transformations in the future societies, due to towns were exposed to different environmental conditions in the new unconnected territories; however, I insist that despite everything of this, the similarities are still evident among the diverse cultures; proof of that are the cases of the Mayan, Inca, Egyptian cultures and other Eastern nations, which despite of the great geographical and continental segregation, it is very notorious their originating analogies.

Plato, in his legend of Atlantis, located this city in a great plain that was separated from the continent or sank in a great seaquake, which supposedly hid this city in the depths of the sea, which up to today it has been guessed; nevertheless, the true history is remarked in the Bible, it explains that in the days of the patriarch's gestation Peleg the intercontinental separation happened, and it was how all the societies were conformed according to their new languages, this took place originally in Babel.

The linguistic parallelisms of the native South Americans with the languages of the Semites or Hebrew tribes also clarify these connections, in the same way, the mineral evidences, mainly the oil elements between Venezuela and the Middle East.

This phenomenon has been well-known mythlogically as the disappearance of the Atlantis or the city of the giants, whose inhabitants' main characteristic were their corpulence and high stature, which identified them as giants; particularity that the Canaanites also had, Joshua and Caleb testified that the Canaanites were giants, when they conquered this earth after they went away from Egypt with Moses, please read the Bible on the book of Numbers 13:33 “we also saw the giants (sons of Anac, who are part of the giants race); and we were like lobsters; and we seemed this way before their eyes”.

Comparing now this situation with the historical reports about the native South Americans, we will find that the original contexture of the Indian Caquetíos has similarity with that of the Canaanites, the Caquetíos are one of the most remote tribes of the primitive Arahuacos, according to past writings; the first colonists classified the Caquetíos like giants, while they had present their high and strong constitution: in that sense, they called this South American area the Islands of the Giants.

All of them were the primitive inhabitants of the islands of Aruba, Curazao and the Island of Coquivacoa, name which Alonso of Ojeda designated the current Peninsula of Paraguana, when he thought inexactly that it was an island, in his discovery in the year 1499, Paraguaná was the main house of the Caquetíos.

Caesar L. Mariño highlights the corpulence of the Caquetíos in his book “Life and Work of Manaure”, where it stands out this present complement in the primitive writings: “Vespucci, when he left The Giants, returned silent and afraid, due to its residents, about seven women and twelve men so enormous that they (the colonists) hardly reached the knees of these giants, who also had the particularity of not making the war”…. Bulletin of the Centre of History of the State of Falcon, Year V, I Number 8, March of 1957, P. Nº 26.

In the Biblical writing Babel is located in a plain between Syrian and Turkey, Gn.11:2 “And it happened that when they left the East (Ararat Mounts) they found a plain called Sinar”, this so important detail like Plato's history and the intercontinental coincidences, indicate that it should be the Peninsula of Paraguaná, because of the coincidence of the coordinates and this Peninsula is a very extensive plain, where the Hill Santa Ana gives the impression of being an element interposed by the man in such a plain land.

When coinciding the transatlantic union, the mineral, the contexture of the different primitive inhabitants and even the toponymics and parallelisms of their languages and cultures, these indications reveal us that the ancestors of the South Americans or Caquetíos, were immediate relatives of the Canaanites and; when they were both united in Babel, they formed the clan of the Atlases and participated together in the construction of the Tower of Babel and their city, with all the other clans, while the separation happened according to their languages in Babel, the Caquetíos and Canaanites were the only cultures that remained in this plain and didn't emigrate to other place, staying the giants around this Tower.

It is easy to deduce it, because they were the highest and strongest among all the civilizations that had been first dispersed in the confusion of languages and finally they finished separating in the intercontinental segmentation.

There are written references stating that one of the main characteristics of the Indian Caquetíos was their manufacturing hills, there are proofs of this behaviour, when they emigrated from here, the State of Falcon to the State of Lara, Barinas and Trujillo, “the great Manaure whose memory I saw in these very fresh places.... and I have seen with my own eyes the hills made from the hands of these Indians, during the night, in their exodus toward the plains of Apure.... where there are opinions saying that the Indians left grandiose treasures hidden in the great Cacique's land or the great emperor Manaure…. All this is a proof that the hills and the roads that are in the state of Barinas were made by the Caquetíos, the same as the mounts they had built in Coro.” The Caquetíos of Falcon, Adrián Hernández Baño, Edition 1984, Pg., 93.

The Diao Manaure knew perfectly that it was the Hill Santa Ana and from there he maintained the control of the whole surrounding area, the Indians kept the secret with him and it is likely that this was the main cause of not being at war with the Teutons and to decide its exodus toward the central-occident part of Venezuela.

Luis R. Oramas makes reference of his continental control “what is today the State of Falcon was previously the gestation of a great power of indigenous tropical type. With central commercial activities, this place ended being the receiver and banker of the transactions and exchanges among the most important nations between the North and the South. As proof of it the Caquetíos left testimony of their planning, the ambassadors and consuls of Manaure applied a Pan-American economic plan, in which in fact it would be our Homeland instituted as the stock exchange and fair place for the economic goals of the continental cultures.” Bulletin of the Centre of History of the State of Falcon, Year V, I Number 8, March of 1957, Págs. Nº 42,43.

All I have exposed until now reveals that this hill is not simply an atrium, but a fraudulent reconstruction that became a camouflage so that it passed as a hill. This was the idea that the Indian Caquetíos had, mainly the Diao Manaure, to prevent and in this way not to allow the access to the European invaders, to avoid that they took possession of the knowledge and the possible hidden treasures in this place.
Another object of this great construction and later reconstruction or camouflage, was to achieve an excellent fertility, and bigger vegetation in the area or plain that was in the north of the elevation. In the same way in the antiquity the north area of the monuments and totems were used to cultivate the earth, apparently the efficiency of the humidity is better in that place, as you will be able to check in Paraguaná with the Hill Santa Ana itself.

In the south part of the big constructions, because of the aridity, old cultures built their necropolis or tombs, same phenomenon is testified by the staggered pyramid of Zoser, of an angle of almost 52º, most of these complements that I have come gearing in this article, are based and defined better in the different present exhibitions in the book “BIBLICAL CHRONICLE” edition of April of 2003.
Sincerely, I invite all those who investigate the name of the Peninsula of Paraguaná to include the following interpretations in the comparisons of the meaning of this name, “the lifted tower that controls the water or the high fountain with shortage of water”, after I deduced this study, I understood that the name of Paraguaná may also have this meaning, like the meaning of the town that settles in the skirts of the hill Santa Ana, Moruy; that would mean “I very high wall or the one that causes fear.”

Also many have associated improperly the gods of the Caquetíos and the idols of other tribes with figures of the human penis and those are only similarities of the original tower of the nations, it was this way originally until the later deviations.
The archaeology, anthropology, geodesy and oceanography will find the evidences among the riversides of the different continents and in the ruins of the staggered Hill Santa Ana or the mount Ávila in miniature, as it was defined in 1845 by the German naturalist Hermann Karsten.

I am for sure with the technical intervention of professionals in these aspects, it will be corroborated that this elevation is the most archaic and significant construction of the world, and it contains hidden under its skirts the city that many has called Atlantis, in this hill there are junctures in the stones, apparently the Atlases transformed the big stones in unassembled mesenteries, to facilitate its transportation in separated parts by asses, there is also a paste in the junctures of these assembled stones that they assembled as the construction progressed and in the stones this paste is present.

There are also stones with the exact separations and precise cuts in their original seams that became junctures later on where paste was added, this is confirmed because the adherent material is noticed a lot in some stones that were pasted together, this paste stands out a lot in some weldings due to the erosion of more than 4.450 years of bleakness, in the same way there are beams of stone that have been discovered by the erosion in the furrows made by rain water and lineal successions that indicate the landslide of platforms and other figures worthy of exploration.

We are in front of the most gigantic and archaic construction of the human being, the humanity's cradle. When the specialists verify all I am exposing in this hypothesis upon the Hill Santa Ana, the search of Atlantis or Tower of Babel with its city will culminate in this way, knowing that the Caquetíos took care of extending to avoid the wrong use that the Teuton invaders, Ambrosio Alfinger and Nicolás Federman, would give to it.

The main call is for the corresponding professionals, capitally to the Venezuelan government, the UNESCO and all those that should be responsible with this study and to conclude the confirmations, to culminate the search of the foundational stone of the nations, the main factor of the consolidation of the union and fraternity of all races.

With less elements or coincidences have been written many books and quantities of projects have been undertaken in this respect, I hope to wake up in you the serious desire to confirm these exhibitions and to carry out the most technical and precise studies with most of these proposals.

My profuse gratefulness is for the whole personnel of the public library Ramón Ruiz Polanco of Punto Fijo, in the same way to the library Faustino López Polanco of the Legislative Council of Coro, and to the ONG of Paraguaná, also to the personnel of Imparques, in charge of the conservation of our Hill Santa Ana, for their orientations and pleasant attention.

Lucas Blanco Acosta


Virtual map that shows the previous intercontinental union between the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea of Latin America, mainly in Venezuela

Mapa unión intercontinental entre el Mar Mediterráneo y el Mar Caribe de la América Latina, principalmente en Venezuela

Real map and identical scales that in spite of the polar and continental deviation, and the corrugation suffered by the continents in their separation, it still shows the parallelism of the previous intercontinental union between the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea of Latin America, mainly in Venezuela

Mapa real
Images taken from of the Atlas of the Dictionary Microsoft® Encarta® 2003. © 1993-2002 Microsoft Corporation.



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